Why become a donor?

Being an egg donor helps a wide range of women who suffer from infertility.
On this page, you can learn about the reasons to become an egg donor and to be able to help many people.


Around the World, about 50 million couples have problems having children. It is estimated that in Spain alone, about 600 thousand couples have this problem. And, just between us, we can help.

At IVI, we have spent over 25 years offering the best assisted reproduction techniques available and, thanks to them, over 110.000 babies have been born.


Fertility problems are becoming more and more frequent. You surely know women who are in this same situation and that, to solve their problem, have gone through and Egg Donation treatment.

Through egg donation, you will be helping women who dream about becoming mothers, but have problems conceiving because:

  • Their ovaries do not work properly because age or some illness has affected them.
  • Have genetic illnesses that can be transmitted to their offspring.
  • Do not respond to stimulating medication or, if there is a response, their eggs do not have the necessary quality to be able to become pregnant.

Just Between Us

Donate your eggs and help other women who wish to become mothers.
By donating, you will be giving the most generous gift a woman might receive in her life.

Just Between Us


Egg donation is anonymous and voluntary. Thanks to your solidarity, many couples may fulfil their wish of becoming parents.

The whole process is completely anonymous, according to the Spanish Law, and therefore the donation recipient will never be able to know the identity of the donor, nor the donor will be able to know the identity of the recipient.


At IVI, we have dedicated over 25 years to offer the best Assisted Reproduction techniques worldwide. We are experts in the field and European leaders. We have helped thousands of women to achieve their dream and all thanks to women like you.

As donor, you will receive a free gynaecological examination, free blood tests, a karyotype test and a genetic test. The information obtained may help you in the future, if you decide to have children.

Between the test that we will perform are:

  • Genetic Analysis: with a blood sample, we will analyse over 600 genetic illnesses. It is the most advanced genetic test in the field and it will be very useful once you decide to become a mother. A geneticist will explain the results to you.
  • Karyotype: A test that will let us know the state of your chromosomes.
  • Serology: A viral screening blood test to rule out infections.
  • Personal interview: We will ask you questions regarding your family background.
  • Gynaecological examination: We will perform a gynaecological examination with an ultrasound scan to evaluate your ovarian reserve.


The donor will receive a financial compensation (as established by the Spanish Law) to cover any possible troubles during the process, such as travel fares or other expenses associated to the egg donation.

According to the Spanish Law - Article 14/2006 on Assisted Reproduction Techniques - it is established that the donation will always be completely voluntary and altruistic. The donors may receive a compensation from the institution in charge of the egg retrieval to compensate them for expenses and inconveniences caused by the donation.