Is there any compensation for egg donation?

With your act of solidarity, you will make many couples happy who are trying to be parents. Egg donation as a mark of the Assisted Reproduction Law is never profitable or commercial.

What the law says about compensation

According to the legislation in force - Article 3, Chapter I, Law 9/2014 of July 4 on Assisted Human Reproductive techniques

"Oocyte donation is in any case voluntary and altruistic, and no monetary consideration or other benefit in kind may be received by the donor. The donors will be entitled to compensation issued by the institution responsible for the oocyte procurement, limited strictly to covering the expenses and burdens derived from such procurement in form of allowances, restitution for lost income or similar".

You can change things

Donation is anonymous, as established by law, meaning that at no time can the recipient of the eggs know the identity of the donor, nor the donor of the eggs know the recipient.

The whole process is completely anonymous, according to the Spanish Law, and therefore the donation recipient will never be able to know the identity of the donor, nor the donor will be able to know the identity of the recipient.


Just between us, the egg donation process is very simple. If you are in good physical and psychological health and between 18 and 35 years old, you can become a donor.

You should only:

  • Be between 18-35 years old and in good physical health.
  • Do not have genetic diseases in relatives.

To confirm that you can be a donor, we will do a gynaecological medical examination, a blood test and a psychological and genetic study.