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(*) The photographs do not correspond to real donors, to preserve their anonymity.
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DONATE EGGS You will be accompained at all times THOUSANDS OF DONORS PUT THEIR TRUST IN US

How to donate eggs

It is much simpler than you can imagine! Here are the 5 stages of egg donation.

The interview

On your first consultation at IVI clinic, our team will perform an interview on a pleasant environment to find out about your medical history. We will explain you how the whole donation process works and we will solve your doubts without any commitment.

If you decide to go ahead with the IVI Dona project, you will be requested to sign an informed consent form before donating your eggs.

Medical tests required

After the first interview, you will need to undergo some simple medical screenings to avoid any health risks. At IVI Clinic we care about your health.

The nurses will run the following tests:

  • Karyotype: It shows the number and appearance of your chromosomes.
  • Genetic analysis: With a simple blood test, we can study over 600 generic diseases and we can detect possible anomalies in your genes.
  • Blood test: With just a blood test, we can detect a possible disease or infection that might be affecting your current health.
  • Scan: We will perform a scan to check your uterus.
  • Gynaecological examination: we will observe your ovaries to confirm if we can start the stimulation.
  • Psychological evaluation: every donor will be interviewed by a psychologist so that we make sure donating is the best course of action for you.


When we get the results of all the previous blood tests, we will then start the ovarian stimulation.

This process takes 10-12 days to complete and it consists on a simple hormonal treatment to stimulate your ovaries before egg retrieval.+

The hormonal treatment can be self-administered at home, although if you prefer, you can also come to one of our IVI clinics and our nurses will assist you (this will depend on the clinic).
On a normal cycle, an egg is released every month. With the stimulation, our aim is to make not only one egg mature, but as many eggs as your ovaries are able to produce. With egg donation, you will not become sterile or waste eggs.

The stimulation starts with your next period. You will then start the hormonal treatment and will need to be in contact with our team to perform regular and painless controls that will help us monitor your evolution.

Just between us

Egg donation is a gesture of solidarity with women who want to be mothers. See the advantages of being a donor.


Follicular puncture

After the 10-12 days of stimulation, you will come to your IVI clinic, where the follicular puncture will take place.

During the follicular puncture we will extract all your oocytes vaginally. This procedure should not scare you. It is a very simple intervention under mild sedation to avoid any discomfort and lasts around 20 minutes.

The intervention is completely safe and has no secondary effects. After 2/3 hours, when the medical team authorises it, you will be able to continue with your normal life, following our Doctor’s recommendations. The doctors will look after you at all times.

At IVI clinics, we have over 25 years of experience on this kind of procedures. Don’t worry, we are professionals who know how to take care of our donors.

Follow-up controls

After the follicular puncture, our IVI team will contact you to check how you are feeling and will book a follow-up appointment and an examination to double check how recovery is going.

However, if you think our doctors should see you before that appointment, because you are feeling uneasy, do not hesitate to contact us and make an appointment.