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La donación de óvulos es una práctica cada vez más extendida. Sin embargo, todavía hoy existen muchas reservas a la hora de tomar la decisión de donar óvulos.

9 February, 2017

Menstruation is a fact that all women face every month. However, although we believe that we already know everything about this natural process, there are still many things that can surprise you. Here are 10 curiosities about menstruation: 1. “Fake” bleedings Many women ignore that, with hormone treatments like the birth control pill or the […]

2 February, 2017

A gynaecologist’s appointment can offer many advantages to patients, thanks to the close monitoring of their sexual organs. You should not go to the gynaecologist merely to confirm a pregnancy, as some people still believe. These appointments help maintain a general good health while also taking care of a very important part of your body. […]

19 January, 2017