7 healthy habits to start the new year

Every year, after Christmas, we all think the same thing: “I need to acquire healthier habits and I am going to start at the beginning of the new year!”
In this article, we are going to suggest 7 new year resolutions that should be taken to heart if we wish to start well the new year. We can make the effort and try to achieve these resolutions throughout the year and be able to feel proud of our new healthier habits.

1- Follow a balanced diet

Nowadays, we have a very fast daily pace. Therefore, very often, we do not take enough time to eat or properly prepare our food. Usually we think that following a healthy, balanced diet is the same as following a strict diet of eating mostly salads and tasteless meals. But there are a wide variety of healthy recipes that bring colour and fun to eating.

2- Exercise

To complement a balanced diet, there is nothing better than to exercise. Start progressively, first with long walks or up to 45 minute sessions twice a week, and then gradually increase the length and number of sessions. It is always harder to get back to your ideal weight after Christmas , but remember that the most important step is the first one and we are going to achieve our goal.


3- Listen to Spotify

Exercising is always more pleasant with habitos-saludablesmusic. Why not choose a playlist with the latest hits?

At IVIDona, we have the ideal playlist for every moment. Our JustbetweenUsPlayList is perfectly adaptable to study afternoons or to your training for the 10k run.


4- Dedicate some time to yourself

With studying, work, Friends, family and other obligations, when do we have time for ourselves?

This year, take a break, relax, read a book, go shopping or to a Spa, take a trip or just do absolutely nothing more than lie on your sofa. You need time to rest, to disconnect and to feel good about yourself. One of the pillars for our health is self-esteem and our motivation in everything we do. Find new goals and reward yourself when you reach them. And never forget to smile.

5- Set small goals for each month of the year

Set a plan for thingshabitos-saludbles-tiempo-a-tito achieve or improve. For example, “next June I am going to run my first 10K” or “I am going to bring my best mark down by X seconds”. Even though it may seem a bit risky, if you set a goal, you will be able to achieve it if it is accessible. You know you can achieve everything you set your mind to!




6- Learn something new

We all have something that we would like to do, but never find the time, money or we have never dared to try. Are you going to have this unfulfilled dream forever?

No. This year, sign up for those tennis or judo classes, learn to speak Spanish or Chinese, to play the guitar or any other instrument, take cooking or electronics lessons.

7- Travel to new places

Get to know new places, new cultures, a new people or language. While travelling, you will learn to value what you already have: your family, Friends, your work and all those small daily details… There is always something new to talk about, something to share. You will learn unimaginable things and even to know yourself better. There are many reasons why you should travel and get to know the world. Once you start, it will difficult to stop. Which country would you like to get to know first?