10 curiosities about menstruation

Menstruation is a fact that all women face every month. However, although we believe that we already know everything about this natural process, there are still many things that can surprise you. Here are 10 curiosities about menstruation:

1. “Fake” bleedings

Many women ignore that, with hormone treatments like the birth control pill or the vaginal ring, their monthly bleeding is not natural. These treatments reduce the production of certain hormones involved in the period, preventing the growth of the inner lining of the uterus. It is therefore common for women who use these methods to notice that their menstruations are less abundant.

2. Spotting

Another important fact about these birth control methods is that you can suffer blood loss between periods. This phenomenon is calledintermenstrual bleeding and is very common: there is no need to worry. However, if this bleeding becomes too abundant or begins to be a nuisance, you should go to the gynaecologist to opt for a more adequate treatment.

3. Colour

Related to spotting and bleeding, it is interesting to know what the different shades of colour may mean. Dark blood or brown colour can make you startle. However, it only means that the blood has been retained longer, while intense red bleeding means that it is a more recent flow.

4. The voice

A woman’s voice in the premenstrual phase is altered. It tends to become deeper due to the hormonal changes. Research has shown that these alterations in voice usually make a woman less attractive to men, because they prefer the voice of women who are not in the premenstrual phase.

5. The attraction

curiosidades-menstruacion2Despite the discouraging information from the previous paragraph, this fifth point is more encouraging. Women who are ovulating are physically more attractive to men. The image and posturing suffer alterations, becoming more appealing. Pay attention during your next cycle to find out if, during these days, guys are more attentive towards you.



6. The Premenstrual Syndrome (PMS)

Many people believe the premenstrual syndrome is just a myth, an excuse for sudden mood changes. There is, however, a very real change in the hormonal balance, which influences a woman’s mood. Usually these hormonal changes have as side effects a feeling of anxiety, irritability and headaches.

7. The Amount of Bleeding

Intensecuriosidades- menstruaccion1 bleedings may be a motive for discomfort and worry for many young women. But, in most cases, it is just that, a very big nuisance. Nevertheless, if your bleeding has you changing sanitary towels or tampons more than twice every hour, then you should consult your gynaecologist.

8. Hygiene

Sanitary towels and tampons have been basically the only two options to deal with menstruation. There is, however, a new method that has been gaining popularity: la the menstrual cup. These cups are made of materials that prevent irritation and allergies. You can use it for 12 hours straight, without needing to clean it or change it and its insertion is very similar to using a tampon.

9. Shopping

During the menstruation, women are also more impulsive. It has been shown that some women tend to overindulge in shopping during their period. This need to overindulge may relate to the mood changes originated by the premenstrual syndrome.

10. Disturbances

Medical conditions often interfere with menstruation. The period may be affected by eating disorders and can even be disrupted. Cancer and heart conditions can also influence the menstrual cycle. However, missing a period does not mean that you have a severe illness: most of the time, it is a sign of small imbalances.