Do you want to donate eggs?

How is the donation process?

It is a quick and simple process that will be economically compensated according to the Spanish Law.


In a pleasant interview, after evaluating your personal and family medical background, we will explain how the whole process will take place and solve all your doubts without any commitments.


Once you confirm that you want to become a donor, we will perform some tests to know if you meet all the requirements. All these tests are free and can be useful in the future, if you decide to have children.


When we get the results of the tests, we will plan the ovarian stimulation. This process lasts 10/12 days and consists of preparing your ovaries for the day of the egg retrieval in one of our clinics.


It is a simple, safe and painless process, which lasts about 20 minutes. A couple of hours after the egg retrieval is finished, you can continue with your normal life, following only a few instructions given by our medical team.


We will be in touch to find out how you are.

- Why become a donor? -

Around the World, about 50 million couples have problems having children. It is estimated that in Spain alone, about 600 thousand couples have this problem. And, just between us, we can help.

- How to donate? -

Just between us, the egg donation process is very simple. If you are in good physical and psychological health and between 18 and 35 years old, you can become a donor.

Just between us… Dou you want to discover new possibilities?

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I liked the experience.

I have been able to make the journey I dreamed of.

Kristen, donor

I have been able to share life.

I feel proud of myself.

Sofía, donor

My couple is also a donor.

Many women are grateful for the gesture.

Almudena, donor

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Do you have doubts?

Does the donation hurt? Who can become a donor? Is there any compensation? Do not entertain doubts. Let us answer any questions you may have about egg donation.