Do you want to donate eggs?

IVI Dona is the safest place to donate your eggs. We are part of IVI clinics, specialists on assisted reproduction treatments

At IVI Dona you will find:

  • A place where we can help each other, making other women who want to become mothers happy.
  • According to the Spanish law, your solidarity can be economically compensated for all the inconvenience caused and travel expenses to the clinic.
  • A highly qualified medical team will guide you throughout the whole process and will solve all your doubts. Over 22,000 donors have already trusted us.
  • With modern facilities and the guarantee of IVI Group, that has over 30 years of experience on the field.
  • You can choose from 24 different IVI Clinics to make your egg donation.

How is the donation process?

It is a quick and simple process that will be economically compensated according to the Spanish Law.


In a pleasant interview, after evaluating your personal and family medical background, we will explain how the whole process will take place and solve all your doubts without any commitments.


Once you confirm that you want to become a donor, we will perform some tests to know if you meet all the requirements. All these tests are free and can be useful in the future, if you decide to have children.


When we get the results of the tests, we will plan the ovarian stimulation. This process lasts 10/12 days and consists of preparing your ovaries for the day of the egg retrieval in one of our clinics.


It is a simple, safe and painless process, which lasts about 20 minutes. A couple of hours after the egg retrieval is finished, you can continue with your normal life, following only a few instructions given by our medical team.


We will be in touch to find out how you are.

To Donate is Rewarding

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Egg donation benefit

You will receive a financial compensation (as established by the Spanish Law) to cover any possible troubles during the process, such as travel fares or other expenses associated to the egg donation.

Egg donation benefit

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Donor is rewarding

You will feel like never before thanks to your altruism. We will perform a gynecological examination and a genetic test with no cost that will be useful if you want to be a mother in the future. You’ll be in the best medical hands and certain that donating is always rewarding!

Just between us… Dou you want to discover new possibilities?

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You feel a better person.

I want to repeat the experience.

Li Qui, donor

I have been able to share life.

I feel proud of myself.

Sofía, donor

When I get the chance, I will donate again!

Donating pays off.

Carla, donor

A space where women overcome all problems and where we HELP each other. It is a space where women approach our own problems COLLABORATING with each other and giving what we can. A space in which we RESPECT each other and understand our needs. A space that is a meeting point. A space of union, where we are not QUESTIONED and SOLUTIONS are provided. A space, just between us, only for women. For our hopes. For our ideas. To talk about our fears. Of our wishes. Of the thousand and one little things that happen to us every day. Of the thousand and one little things we feel every moment. A space to be just among ourselves.

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Do you have doubts?

Does the donation hurt? Who can become a donor? Is there any compensation? Do not entertain doubts. Let us answer any questions you may have about egg donation.